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007 Alianna DeFreeze

The school system, witnesses, and the public failed 14yo Alianna Defreeze when she was abducted in Ohio.   But her parents are trying to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

006 Marsa Gipson

A rock thrown off an overpass, a woman dead, her murder unsolved. Can Marsa Gipsons murder be solved before its too late?This weeks episode is a quick one from Indiana. 

003 Brenda Sue Schaefer

This weeks case takes us to Louisville, KY. It's a case that happened when I was 4, but one that I grew up hearing about. It was a notorious case for the area. To this day, the ca...

002 Eliazar Ruiz

When a young child goes missing, you expect a certain sequence of events to happen.   The caregiver searches everywhere they can think of. They contact the police. Then th...

001 Patrick King

In 1995 the population of Winslow, in south west Indiana was around 868, a number that hasn't changed much over the last 23 years. With a population that small, almost everyone kno...